Business Insurance

Protect Your Business from Accidental Damages

Running a business is a tremendous endeavor with many moving parts and unexpected outcomes. However, you can plan ahead for such uncertainties with a policy designed for your company’s specific needs.


We at Burton A. Harris Insurance Agency are dedicated to helping our clients with the best policies available to suit their budget and needs. Our team of experts will value and assess your business, while exposing the risks that need to be secured. Business insurance will not only transform the way you operate, but will also give you more room to experiment and achieve success. If you own a business in California, we would love to help you with your company’s insurance needs.


Business Liability & Property Insurance

Protect your business from unforeseen property damages and business liability expenses. It has become relatively easy for businesses to accrue liabilities and damages. When a business is not insured against these it can lead to serious financial trouble in the future. An insurance policy removes the burden from the business and places it on the insurance company and reduces the business owner’s risks. This will allow you to use your resources for other profit-making endeavors.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

A workers’ compensation policy will save you many future headaches, especially if your workers need to operate in high-risk environments. Business owners in labor-intensive industries must have this insurance to pay out compensation claims and avoid hefty lawsuits filed by an injured worker. Workers’ compensation can also protect your business from expenses in the form of legal fees and fines.

Business Life Insurance

Provide a solid foundation for your employees with life insurance for your business and attract top talent for your company and prepare for the unexpected. Take care of the employees that make your company what it is and learn about the options available to you.


Our agents will get to know you and your company structure to provide you with the policies most critical to you – from Key Person Insurance to cover the financial loss of a deceased or disabled manager, Executive Bonus Plans to offer competitive benefits for top talent, and Funded Buy-sell Agreements to make plans for the company in the event of a deceased partner.


Cyber and Privacy Insurance

Our smartphones, computers, offices, and cars all use technology to help us get through our daily lives. Cyber and privacy insurance will protect your business from liabilities related to the use of technology. In the event of data breaches, hacks, online theft, and other mishaps, this coverage will protect you.

Employment Practices Liability & Professional Liability

Take the steps to prepare for a loss of income or unexpected circumstance that may impact your revenue and income and ensure your financial stability. Learn about the options available to you including Employment Practices Liability to ensure your company in the event of alleged unlawful termination, sexual harassment, or even professional mistake. Or learn about a Professional Liability policy to cover financial loss from from alleged negligence, misrepresentation, or even professional mistake.


Other Available Services

As a contractor specializing in a certain area, you need to insure yourself, especially against costly craftmanship errors that may threaten your livelihood. Our artisan contractor insurance will protect your business while covering bodily injuries, property damage, medical bills, and other damages resulting from such mistakes.

We understand how difficult it must be to chase after suppliers, organize chefs, and make sure the restaurant opens and closes every day of the week. Our specialty product for restaurant owners will protect you from liabilities and injury claims and protect your investment against fire or other accidents. When your business is secure, you can effectively utilize your resources to deliver excellent services.

Your office has several assets that need to be protected from theft and vandalism. Our professional office insurance will protect your office, ensuring that it runs smoothly without interruption. It will protect your valuable property, including business equipment and other essential records.

With our commercial real estate insurance, you can protect your property from both weather-related damaged and third-party injuries. This insurance policy can be of 2 types- commercial property insurance and general liability insurance.

Commercial property insurance will cover your building and equipment from damages caused by extreme weather, fire, or vandalism. General liability insurance will cover you in the event of third party injury or property damage that occurs on your premises.

Retailers face several different types of risk that may cause their business to be shut down for an uncertain period. Our retail store insurance protects you against liabilities like customer slips/falls, property damage, employee injuries, or accidents caused by your product or employee in your store.

Go above and beyond the basic policy to ensure that your investments are safe. Learn about the limit options available to you to make sure you’re covered in the event of a lawsuit.

Don’t miss a step when a natural disaster occurs. Ensure your business and property for earthquake insurance and skip the delays that may happen with non-profit or government aid.

Contact our team at Burton A. Harris Insurance Agency to learn more about the available business insurance options to suit your budget and needs.