Life Insurance

Protect Your Family from Financial Distress

Life insurance is essential for everyone. If all goes according to plan, you’ll pay off the mortgage, put your kids through college and enjoy a long retirement. But you know the unexpected could happen – do you want to help plan for your family’s future if they must go on without you? Life insurance may help lighten their financial burden.


At the Burton A. Harris Insurance Agency, we have the required industry experience to provide you the best comprehensive life plan to secure your legacy and your family’s future.


Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is one of the most popular life policies. It lasts for a fixed period and is paid only if death occurs during the policy’s duration. This kind of life insurance is inexpensive, especially when purchased at a younger age. In addition, this policy can later be converted into a more permanent plan without additional health exams.

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Universal Life

Universal Life

Universal Life Insurance combines the advantage of permanent protection and competitive cash value accumulation with the flexibility to adjust the time and amount of premiums and death benefits. This allows the product to help fit changing insurance needs throughout a lifetime. For example, your tax-free accumulation account can be available to fund college, purchase a home, supplement retirement or long term care needs.


We offer several types of Universal Life policies: Variable, Indexed, and Traditional. Each type is respectively tied to a different accumulation bucket whether it is the stock market, S&P or Russell 2000 Index, or simply an interest rate set by the insurance company.

  • Non-medical Life Policies
  • Annuities
  • IRA’s
  • 401 K’s
  • 529 College

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