Luxury & High-Risk Homes

High-Net-Worth + High Risk = High Exposure

You have worked too hard to risk losing everything to a natural disaster. Many high-net-worth households are underinsured. While adequate for most, our standard homeowner policy may not be appropriate for the higher limits of coverage needed to cover your particular assets and liability exposures. At the Burton A. Harris Insurance Agency, we are dedicated to helping our clients acquire the proper policy best suited for you, no matter your circumstance.


Our office, located in affluent and fire-prone Calabasas, gives us first-hand knowledge of some of the special exposures higher risk clientele face locally and throughout our entire state. We offer a high level of service with customizable insurance policies to meet the unique, and often demanding needs of higher-net-worth households.


Extended Dwelling Coverage

Your home is probably one of your larger personal assets. Cover the cost of rebuilding or repairing your home from the ground up. We’ll assess the cost of repairs or construction and factor in labor costs to make sure your home is covered for the cost of a total rebuild. And when labor costs rise in the event of an emergency with higher demand, make sure you’re covered with up to 150% extended replacement cost to go beyond the bare minimum.

Other Structures Coverages

Make sure your entire property is taken care of. Our experience tells us that the typical home insurance policy, covering just 10% of your dwelling’s coverage, is not enough for separate structures. You’ll want to make sure your separate guest home or structure, gazebo, pool house, multi-space detached garage, outdoor bar/BBQ, barn, and sport courts are not left unaccounted for. Our agents will assess all your needs to make sure you’re covered.

Personal Property Coverage

You’ve insured the structure of your house, now don’t forget about the belongings. You’ve spent time and money selecting just the right appliances, custom furniture, designer clothes, collectibles and sentimental items. In addition, jewelry and art often have limits on a standard policy which often get overlooked. We will help assess your personal property along side of you to make sure you have the appropriate insurance for all your belongings – inside and out.


Increased Liability

Accidents happen. If you’re hiring people to work in your home or on your property, there are a few more steps you may need to take to insure your increased liability is covered.


First, you’ll need to determine if the staff hired are working through a third party, contractor, or for-hire, what duration of time the employment is for, and what kind of work the employee will be doing. Based on those factors, you may want to increase coverage for workers’ compensation, umbrella liability, and auto coverage.

Loss of Use Coverage

Cover your expenses in the event of an evacuation. With California’s year-round wildfire season, you may be prone to evacuations and temporary stays in a hotel or other accommodations that cost money. You’ll want to be covered and prepared for the unexpected costs associated with temporary/long term lodging, clothing and food. And don’t forget your pets and the accommodations they may need!


  • The age of your home
  • Structural issues
  • Claims history
  • Use of your home (vacation home, rental, etc.)

Contact our team at Burton A. Harris Insurance Agency to learn more about the high-risk home insurance options to suit your unique budget and needs.