Umbrella Insurance

Go Beyond the Minimum

Protect your assets including your life savings, property, and your future in the event of a lawsuit that goes beyond your current coverage.


Our agents at Burton A. Harris Insurance will assess your current policies and assets to find the best umbrella policy for you to make sure that all of your assets are not lost to a lawsuit.


Who Needs an Umbrella Policy?

In todays litigious world, anyone may be treated like a millionaire, with potential lawsuits for almost anything. Umbrella policy is an extra layer of protection for you and your family and can fill in the gaps to minimize the results of a lawsuit when fees go beyond your basic coverage on your home, auto or business. For pennies on the dollar, an umbrella policy can protect you, your family, your assets, and your dependents from losing all you’ve worked for.



For Your Auto

Don’t lose your vehicles or other assets to a lawsuit that goes beyond your personal liability coverage. Unfortunately, many drivers do not carry enough auto liability coverage even though this is where many high-dollar claims originate from. The required minimal coverage by most lenders, banks, and California DMV are often not enough to cover a large lawsuit.


If you are held liable for serious bodily injuries, you could potentially pay out-of-pocket, garnish future wages, or liquidate your assets to take care of the difference in coverage. Take care of the what-if’s or lawsuits that may arise from accidents or other circumstances that may go beyond your control.

For Your Business

Owning or running a business comes with extra responsibility – for your employees, customers, or even incidents that happen on your property. Take care of your financial stability when the unforeseen happens like a customer falling on your property and suing for injury or an employee mistake resulting in an alleged lawsuit. Rest easy at night knowing you’re covered beyond the bare minimum with an umbrella policy. Learn about business umbrella policies and limits available that fit you and your business.


Contact our team at Burton A. Harris Insurance Agency to learn more about the available umbrella insurance options to suit your unique budget and needs.