Why You Should Have Your Own Insurance When You Borrow a Car

There are times when borrowing someone’s car is a necessity. Under such circumstances, it is essential to know what your insurance policy will cover. Insurance coverage for both car and driver varies from state to state and carrier to carrier. So whether you are borrowing a car or letting someone use your car, it’s important to have the appropriate coverage at all times.

Can You Drive Someone Else’s Car Without Your Own Insurance?

There are times when you can drive someone else’s car without having your own insurance. A good example is when you are on a long trip and have to share driving duties. Another way to drive someone else’s car without having your own policy is to be listed on their policy as a covered driver. Many vehicle owners will include a list of individuals, like friends or family members, who are allowed to drive the policyholder’s car when needed.

When Will Insurance Not Pay for an Accident Caused by Someone Else Driving Your Car?

If someone drives your car without your permission,  the damages incurred during an accident caused by them will not be covered by your insurance. It is the same for drivers not included in your coverage. If you do not give someone permission (this may have to be in writing), your policy might not cover them. The final decision concerning who is covered and who isn’t resting with the insurance company. If you want to make sure someone is covered, add them to your policy.

What Happens If Your Teenager Causes an Accident When Driving Your Car?

In most cases, your teenager will be listed as a driver on your policy unless you specifically exclude them. As soon as your teenager gets their permit, you need to contact your insurance carrier and have them added to your policy. You will have to update your policy when they pass their driving test and are free to drive without supervision.

Will Your Rates Go up If Someone Else Is Involved in an Accident in Your Car?

If someone else gets into an accident while driving your car, it could increase your fees. In most cases, this depends on a few factors including, their past driving record and what your policy says about the other drivers.

How Does Insurance Work If You Borrow a Car?

If you borrow a car and have your own insurance, you’re more likely to be covered by the owner’s insurance policy. If your insurance covers you as the driver as well as the car, you may also be required to pay a part of the damages.

Will My Car Insurance Cover Me in Another Car?

Depending on the terms, your policy may include coverage for both you as well as your car. This means you will be covered, no matter whose car you drive. Carrying a policy for yourself is a great idea, allowing you to have the proper coverage at all times.

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